Green Dorm Initiative

by zbielak

The Green Dorm Initiative 2013 is finally here! So far, only one day into the 3-week long competition, we have over 250 individual students signed up to participate! 

This year is different than years prior, as its three weeks will have 3 distinct themes. This week focuses on energy, next week water, and the final week waste. Every person who participates has to fill out a survey in the beginning of the week and also keep a daily log of usage/activities of specific things. At the end of the week, yours truly tallies up the scores, and at the end of the three weeks, announces a winner!

Every person who participates gets a prize, but the best participants are treated to a free dinner at Cohen house. And the college with the best representation gets a free catered meal one night! Pretty stellar prizes.

The main point of the GDI is simply to increase awareness of careless overusage, and also to encourage slight lifestyle changes that wil have a long-term impact and “hopefully save Rice — and students — money,” says Christina Hughes.

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